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Mark Starford
Chartered Architect
About Me

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Having worked for large
Architectural Practices since 1989, I decided to setup as an independent sole practitioner in 2011, as I believed the experience I had gained over the years working on large residential and commercial projects would allow me to provide a more focussed yet friendly service to clients from North Yorkshire to Northumberland and the Borders, who may be unfamiliar with the building construction process.

As an RIBA & RIAS Chartered Architect, I have a keen interest in architectural conservation and heritage which has led me to become an RIBA Conservation Registrant. This alone has given me an appreciation and understanding of the different construction techniques and materials used in pre & post 1919 buildings and I am able to offer a wide range of services employing many traditional and modern methods of construction. Working on the basis of 
ICOMOS guidelines, I look to produce architectural designs which fully consider the original building or conservation area within which they are located. 

I also like to work with nature in my designs, it exists in everything we encounter, and as an Architect I believe that our modern buildings are indeed heading "
Towards a New Biological Age." This thinking is often prevalent within modern Architectural design, whether it is the materials with which our modern buildings are constructed, our old buildings are refurbished, or the way buildings are planned so as to be comfortable whilst also minimising fuel bills through the use of passive design. Recent examples of this can be seen within my technical solutions (whilst employed by BSB), for various sized zero carbon projects in Peterborough, such as the HCA carbon challenge site and plot M, on the award winning Edgewood development at Hampton Vale West.

If you are considering any work to your home, restoring an old building to provide a new modern use, or even building a brand new one and would like to take advantage of a free initial consultation, I'd be happy to meet up to discuss how your project can benefit from good Architectural Design.
Please contact me to arrange.

Interior Architect Plot M Hampton Vale West Use of Corner Windows to create brighter Living SpacesPlot M Hampton Vale WestPedalling Squares Cycling Cafe

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